Thursday, July 26, 2012

Burlap & Bling: The Perfect Southern Wedding

I can't believe it has already been 2 months since Kristal & Johnny's gorgeous southern wedding. It could not have been more perfect, or stunning.

Every detail was something you would expect from a world class wedding planner (or perhaps Pinterest!).

Where do I even begin? Let's start with the theme: Burlap & Bling. It was all about the details with this wedding. Her bouquet was wrapped in burlap with a hint of bling. Even the tables where the guests were seated followed this trend. I must say that there was a perfect amount of everything - every little sparkle was just where it needed to be.

Gorgeous Bouquet
As you can see from Kristal's bouquet - the colors were all very soft & natural. This held true throughout the whole wedding & reception (decor-wise). 

Where the guests were seated.
 Another clever touch to the wedding was where everyone picked up their names to see where they would be seated. Everyone's names were on paintbrushes - and the tables were colors, not numbers! (Johnny is an artist. What an incredible idea! Bravo.)

Paint Brushes & Table Color
Now that I talked about some of the intricate details - where was this wedding!? It was at Cedarwood - located in Nashville, Tennessee. Cedarwood is a picturesque, antebellum farm estate. 

Kristal had her ceremony just in front the old farm house. The cocktail hour was held in the barn & the reception was held throughout the farm house. It. Was. Perfect.

Beautiful Farm House
 Here is something that Kristal & Johnny made for the ceremony:

Choose a seat - not a side.
 What a way to make everyone feel welcome! I really loved this (seriously - what didn't I love?)!

Here are a few more great photos from the wedding:

Johnny painted Cedarwood (where the guests could sign) - also, see the chandelier in the tree!

Beautiful details in the barn - As Southern As Possible.
So - what color did Kristal choose for her bridesmaids & groomsmen? Kristal chose purple! So pretty!

The Bride with her Bridesmaids.
Now, for the beautiful bride & groom. Here are some favorites:

After the ceremony - husband & wife! (Do you see the cross in the background? My father-in-law made it!)
Now, I couldn't forget the star of the show:

Hamilton! And yes, he did walk down the aisle.
Overall, this day could not have been more perfect - and I'm so happy for Kristal & Johnny!

There wedding has also been featured in Southern Weddings Magazine! You can see that article HERE.

Also - I don't want to take credit for all these photos - some I grabbed off Facebook, but the others are from Kristal & Johhny's photogapher: Kristyn Hogan! One of the best!

This was a fun post to write - I hope you enjoyed it! ;)




  1. Where did your crystal beaded votive holders and that cute white candle stand with the hurricane?!

    1. I wish I knew the answer! This was my sister-in-law's wedding! Thanks for reading! Xo.

  2. That’s definitely a perfect Southern wedding. All the décor looks whimsical. Gratitude for sharing these brilliant photos here. My sister in law is tying wedding knot and she is having hard time in finding such beautiful outdoor Los Angeles wedding venues. If you have suggestions, please share.