Thursday, July 26, 2012

Burlap & Bling: The Perfect Southern Wedding

I can't believe it has already been 2 months since Kristal & Johnny's gorgeous southern wedding. It could not have been more perfect, or stunning.

Every detail was something you would expect from a world class wedding planner (or perhaps Pinterest!).

Where do I even begin? Let's start with the theme: Burlap & Bling. It was all about the details with this wedding. Her bouquet was wrapped in burlap with a hint of bling. Even the tables where the guests were seated followed this trend. I must say that there was a perfect amount of everything - every little sparkle was just where it needed to be.

Gorgeous Bouquet
As you can see from Kristal's bouquet - the colors were all very soft & natural. This held true throughout the whole wedding & reception (decor-wise). 

Where the guests were seated.
 Another clever touch to the wedding was where everyone picked up their names to see where they would be seated. Everyone's names were on paintbrushes - and the tables were colors, not numbers! (Johnny is an artist. What an incredible idea! Bravo.)

Paint Brushes & Table Color
Now that I talked about some of the intricate details - where was this wedding!? It was at Cedarwood - located in Nashville, Tennessee. Cedarwood is a picturesque, antebellum farm estate. 

Kristal had her ceremony just in front the old farm house. The cocktail hour was held in the barn & the reception was held throughout the farm house. It. Was. Perfect.

Beautiful Farm House
 Here is something that Kristal & Johnny made for the ceremony:

Choose a seat - not a side.
 What a way to make everyone feel welcome! I really loved this (seriously - what didn't I love?)!

Here are a few more great photos from the wedding:

Johnny painted Cedarwood (where the guests could sign) - also, see the chandelier in the tree!

Beautiful details in the barn - As Southern As Possible.
So - what color did Kristal choose for her bridesmaids & groomsmen? Kristal chose purple! So pretty!

The Bride with her Bridesmaids.
Now, for the beautiful bride & groom. Here are some favorites:

After the ceremony - husband & wife! (Do you see the cross in the background? My father-in-law made it!)
Now, I couldn't forget the star of the show:

Hamilton! And yes, he did walk down the aisle.
Overall, this day could not have been more perfect - and I'm so happy for Kristal & Johnny!

There wedding has also been featured in Southern Weddings Magazine! You can see that article HERE.

Also - I don't want to take credit for all these photos - some I grabbed off Facebook, but the others are from Kristal & Johhny's photogapher: Kristyn Hogan! One of the best!

This was a fun post to write - I hope you enjoyed it! ;)




  1. Where did your crystal beaded votive holders and that cute white candle stand with the hurricane?!

    1. I wish I knew the answer! This was my sister-in-law's wedding! Thanks for reading! Xo.